How to add Value to your Home

Home improvements are essential to improve the value of a house on the property market. And, in fact, not just the property ladder even if you continue to stay in the house making some structural repairs and going in for some cosmetic changes improve the mood and charm of the place you call home.

Here are a few tips that every homeowner should be aware of:

  1. Address structural defects like leaking roofs, collapsed floors, rotting timbers and cracked walls first before proceeding to redecorate.
  2. Update the central heating system and improve the overall energy efficiency of the house to add real value to the home.
  3. Change old and rattling pipes with a new pressurized plumbing system with better control on the hot and cold options and adequate pressure.
  4. Double glazed windows which will not only add to the value of the property but will reduce utility bill significantly.
  5. Improve existing area with landscaping and investing in quality decking which will not only create additional leisure space but adds that extra “X” factor to the property. Just make sure that you choose the right decking material matching the exterior of your house and in tune with your budget. WPC decking is a popular choice because it is eco-friendly, requires low maintenance and has none of the drawbacks of traditional wood.
  6. Remodel the kitchen. But in case you have a budget constraint you can just paint the cupboards and shelves in new colors and designs for a new look.
  7. Coming to the outdoors, maintain your garden. Get rid of all the weeds and plant fresh flowering plants. Lay down pathways and invest in some LED solar lights along the pathways.

There are scores of ways to improve the overall look of your house, imagination is the limit and not all makeovers are expensive; all it needs is a bit of research and patience to get it right.

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