Top 10 Best DIY Furniture Projects in 2019

Woodworking projects are exciting and the results are extraordinary. For more inspiration, check out the Top 100 Easiest Woodworking Projects – Sawinery page. While there are different types of woodworking projects you can take up here is a list of the DIY furniture ideas that can add so much value to your home-

  1. Do not toss away old wooden crates. You can line up 4 wooden crates in the form of a cube with the open side facing the outside. Fix them with screws and you have a nice little coffee table with storage.
  2. Pour a little cement into an old bucket with a broad base. Place three wooden dowels in the cement when it is wet and hold them in place. Take out the cement block and you have a nice little stool or an end table for your planter.
  3. If you have an old bookshelf lying around, place it horizontally and affix foam padding on top of it. This gives you a neat little bench with storage cubicles.
  4. If you have a boring bedroom, use scarp wooden labs to create an interesting rustic headboard.
  5. A few industrial pipes and wooden planks are all that you need to create custom shelving.
  6. Old tires can be given a new life if you wrap them in rope or paint them and throw a floor cushion on top. This gives you a cute ottoman for some extra seating.
  7. Some wooden planks and 4 hairpin legs can be used to create a rustic wooden side table.
  8. If you have some old trunks lying around, place them one on top of the other to create a quick bedside table.
  9. An old suitcase with legs or wheels added can make a versatile table.
  10. A folding wall bracket and a piece of wood can be used to quickly add a foldable table in any room.

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